If you are new to casino gambling, do not start playing without first checking our guide. Learn what you should do before start risking your money.

1. Learn the game rules. If you are not familiar with online casinos and with the games available, learn all the game rules, before start playing. You can also download, for free, casino software and start using it just to play for fun. Almost all online casinos have a free “play for fun” option. In this way you can learn all the rules, try all the games and choose your favorite ones, and get an idea of how the software works.

2. Choose a casino. After you decide to open an account at an online casino, and play for real, its time to choose a casino.

3. Give it a try. You can start to choose a casino with a no deposit required bonus. There are a lot of no deposit required casinos around. They offer you free money that can help you decide if you like the casino and to get more experience about real playing.

4. Find more about the casino. Check the casino website carefully. Read all the information about the casino available.

4.1. Casino general information. Check the “About Us” section. It can give you information about casino ownership, licensing, software, and more important issues.

4.2. Payout rates. Check the payout rates and who reviews these payouts.

4.3. Bonus/promotions. Read with special attention the bonus and promotions page. I say with special attention because it is a good idea not only to evaluate the bonus and promotions by their appealing but also by the restrictions the casino may impose you. ALWAYS check the terms and conditions. All the casinos impose restrictions on the use of the bonus they give you. It is obvious that this is a necessary requirement for them, otherwise it would be possible to you to profit without risking your money. Generally, they impose you to wager your bonus a certain number of times before withdrawing it. There are some casinos that impose you a minimum withdrawal amount and there are also casinos that impose a maximum withdrawal, or that state that the bonus is not cashable. It is also common to find a rule that state that certain games are not eligible to the fulfillment of your wager requirements. Games like Roulette, and Sic Bo are almost always excluded, because it is possible to wager with a minimum risk exposure on these games. Check all these rules before choosing a casino and claiming your bonus.

4.4. Banking information. Read the section with banking information. It is important to know what deposit/withdrawal methods are available. Determine which option(s) are the best for you. There are some payment methods that are instantaneous and other that can take long time and delay your playing start and/or your withdrawal time.

4.5. Customer support. Check also the support section. You may not need to call support now, but you may need later. All casinos give email support and have phone support too. You may want to check if the casino gives a fast response to your queries by sending them an email, or trying to phone them.

5. Learn your rules. It is not always important that you understand the game rules but also that you state rules for yourself and your money. Decide how much you are willing to spend before start playing. DO NOT RISK MORE THAN YOU CAN, and if you loose your money do not decide to spend a little more just to recover your losses. That’s a very good start to amplify them. If you’re winning a reasonable amount, it is time to withdraw your winnings.

6. Do not abuse casino promotions and rules. Casinos give you free money in order to catch your attention and to make you loyal to them. You are free to open an account with various different casinos and receive your bonuses. But, do not try to open an account more than one time at a casino in order to receive the welcome bonus twice. Also, do not try to withdraw your winnings without fulfilling the terms and conditions requirements. You will end up with your winnings confiscated by the casino. They also have a common shared database of player’s abuse, and you can end up being not allowed to play at more than one casino.

7. Play and have fun. Well, there is no much more to say. Just sit comfortably, and start playing…and Good Luck!